Food tailored to your biology


Based on your unique results

You can see from your blood test results which biomarkers drive ageing and take targeted action through your diet and lifestyle.


A huge number of food items

Our library of food items features over 250 foods, including lots of vegetables, grains and cooking oils. This helps you replace some of your dietary staples with foods that are even better for you. 


Easy to implement alternatives 

Don’t fancy one of your personalised recommendations, or keen for a bit of variety? We suggest alternatives in the same food groups that provide similar benefits to prevent you getting bored. 


All benefits in one place

Foods are a complex mixture of nutrients with a whole range of benefits. Our platform makes it really clear which aspects of your health are affected by a particular food, making it easier to reach your goals.


Filters for paleo and keto diets

Our platform allows straightforward filtering of common intolerances, vegetarian and vegan friendly options. All our food items have also been checked for compatibility with paleo and keto diets too.

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